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Profiles of Grace


Carla is a longtime volunteer with CEF Kanawha. She served first with Mr. and Mrs. Tinney and has continued to expand her training to become an instructor of Teachers as well as a teacher of children!

Though Carla has always served as a volunteer, most recently she has been invited to serve on staff part time. We have greatly appreciated her talent and experience this summer. She has been a huge boost to the team as they minister to the children (plus she has wheels! -- very instrumental in getting the team around!).

Carla has persevered in serving the Lord through many challenging life events and circumstances. Through everything, she continued to seek the Lord and respond to His guidance. She has helped teach in Good News Clubs whenever possible, previous summers of 5-Day Clubs, and training others to be better teachers and leaders.

In order for her to continue past the summer in part time capacity, we will need additional, consistent funding for her position. We would love to see her be able to strengthen Good News Clubs, train new teachers, start new clubs, and help expand the ministry.

If you would be willing to be a ministry partner with Carla in prayer and in financial giving, you may contact us for more information.  Gifts may be sent to:

CEF of WV Kanawha Chapter

1413 Bigley Avenue

Charleston, WV 25302

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