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The Good News Club is an exciting Bible-based club for children. These clubs are versatile and have been held in many places -- any place that children naturally gather.  We can even have them ONLINE!


Each club will have its own "flavor," but in every club the children will learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and great lessons from the Bible that can encourage a growing relationship with the Lord and character development.


Each club needs a Club Sponsor and a Team Leader. The club can be held in an elementary school after classes end, at a day care, at the Boys and Girls club, in a home, almost anywhere.  The Good News Club requires a team of people: teachers, people to pray, small group leaders, and snack servers.


All volunteers go through a Child Protection screening process. The required paper work is located to the right --> and can be printed off and mailed in.

Volunteers also need to watch the Child Protection Video: 


Each team receives training. Some training can begin online. The Local Director can provide the instructions and password needed.  Training for teachers is the Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 course which is held locally once or twice a year. The TCE 1 course is available online twice a year as well. Your Local Director can give you all the necessary details.


Check out more information and videos about Good News Club on the page. You can call us at 304-346-8753

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