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One key to sharing the Gospel with children is to doing so in such a way that the children can understand it's simple language. Wordless Book training teaches to use that tool to share the Gospel through colors. What is learned with the Wordless Book can then be applied in myriad other situations.

This video is to be reviewed every year by all volunteers and staff for all CEF Ministries

Fair Ministry


There is a lot that can be done at a fair -- from telling a Bible Lesson every 30 minutes to having a Wordless Book-type activity while the Gospel is shared. Follow the logo to see where this ministry can take place!

Ministry Opportunities Abound

Good News Club


Of our two main ministries to children, Good News Clubs run from late September through April. Follow the logo to more information.

5-Day Club


The other key ministry of CEF is the 5-Day Club. These clubs are held in the summertime. Find out more about summer ministries by following the logo.

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