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While serving as a summer missionary we had a club where a boy came forward knowing that he wanted Jesus in his life. After I gave the invitation to talk to me about believing on Jesus, he came back to where I stood. He said, “I want Jesus in my heart right now!” So I took him and a couple other children to some seats in the back and led them through a process of questions to see where their understanding was. This boy knew exactly why he needed Jesus and what Jesus had done for him to have his sins taken away. After he prayed to the Lord, he jumped up with a big grin and excitedly cried out, “I am a Child of God now!” (John 1:12)  My heart was filled with joy and it reminded me why I do summer home missions work. It is moments like this when a child lets Jesus into his or her life and has that affirmation of salvation; these moments are why I work with CEF. Leading that little boy to an understanding of salvation through Jesus Christ and seeing the look on his face will forever be in my memory.

-- A. A.

Even when school's out, kids still naturally gather in the playgrounds and pavillions!

I’ve served as a summer missionary for three years with CEF of WV Kanawha Chapter. Starting out I was super excited to see what Jesus would do through me this summer reaching many children. At one of our school-based clubs, we met in the shelter and playground area. We only had a few kids, but there was one little girl who really touched my heart. She would pay attention very well. She knew all the answers to the questions. I guess that she was about nine years old and each afternoon she would come ready to say her memory verse. The last day, Friday, we thought we weren’t going to have any children, but that one little girl showed up just as we were getting ready to pack up. She had reminded her mom that there was 5-Day Club because her Mom forgot. The girl was so excited to see we were still there to do the last day of club. It made my heart so joyful to see how eager she was about 5-Day Club. This was the highlight of my first week and I will always have this memory.

-- J. S.

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